10 Anti-Aging Mistakes Every Woman Should Avoid


It is common and very known that women all over the world, nomatter what nation they belong to, their cultural back ground, their material capacity…; want and try to have a glowy and shiny skin, with no blimishes, no dark spots and especially no wrinkles, that’s why they invests more and more on anti aging skin products.

credit: Pexels

Below are the most common faults woman make; or the bloomers that may rush their skin age day by day, and little by little.

10.   Sleeping without elevating your head.

Lots of people dislike and avoid using pillows while sleeping, because of the back pain it causes to them.

You have to know that sleeping face up or on your sides and tummy  create sleep lines that eventually become etched on your skin.

credit: everydayhealth.com